Month: April 2018

29 – Born Again Dirt | Noah Sanders – Rora Valley Farms

The act of farming frequently requires faith to see it through, our guest today is Noah Sanders, author of Born Again Dirt: Farming To The Glory of God. Today, we’ll discuss how he started farming, why he wrote Born Again Dirt, what having born again dirt means, and so much more. Show Notes Noah was […]

T. Time 05 – The Questions We Ask

You may have noticed that the start of most of our interviews start in a similar way, with similar questions. Listen To The Episode Read The Episode “Share about your farm,” “Tell us about yourself,” “What brought you to agriculture?” We ask these questions because they help establish a baseline, but they can become repetitive […]

28 – Devon Delight | David Fell – Abiding Acres Farm

Our guest today is an old, young, friend. David Fell from Abiding Acres, where he raises sheep, chickens, and my favorite: beef. This isn’t any average beef cattle, but pure bred Red Devons, a heritage breed ideal for the grass based system at Abiding Acres. Today, we’ll be discussing what got David farming, why they […]