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T. Time 11 – Articulating Our Ideas

We had some random ideas to through against the walls for your listening pleasure, in addition, there’s a quick preview of our next interview.

49 – The Metabolic Approach To Cancer

At the 2018 Acres Conference I had the opportunity to listen to a great session on getting back into sync with our Circadian Rhythms presented by Dr. Nasha Winters. After that session I knew we had to have her on the show and she was kind enough to take some time to join us today. […]

Working For The Harvest

On 1/19/19, I published this article on Medium. It’s the gestation of a few ideas on work and the harvest. Please enjoy the audio version. Listen To The Episode Read The Article “Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.”   David Bly The fruits of success are delicious, […]

47 – Farm Marketing From The Heart | Charlotte Smith – 3 Cow Marketing

Today we’re talking with Charlotte Smith from Champoeg Creamery and 3 Cow Marketing, together we’ll be talking about how Charlotte started farming, how farmer’s can determine their dream customer, how to set your farmers marketing off right, and much more. Listen To The Show Shownotes Charlotte’s company is called 3 Cow Marketing because there’s an […]

The Bookies – 2018 | Scott Hebert

As a Christmas gift to you, the audience, we are presenting the first annual bookies! We’ve got Scott Hebert from Flavourful Farms joining us in presenting some of our favorite books from our 2018 reading. We’ll be discussing our best biography, philosophy, business, creative, and a random favorite from the year. I hope you enjoy […]

Acres USA 2018 | Reporting

Today, we’re sharing our report from the Acres USA Conference in Louisville KY. Learn about the value of the Circadian Rhythm, water management, and Joel Salatin’s thoughts on feeding the world. Listen To The Show