29 – Born Again Dirt | Noah Sanders – Rora Valley Farms

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The act of farming frequently requires faith to see it through, our guest today is Noah Sanders, author of Born Again Dirt: Farming To The Glory of God. Today, we’ll discuss how he started farming, why he wrote Born Again Dirt, what having born again dirt means, and so much more.

Show Notes

    • Noah was introduced to farming through a copy of You Can Farm by Joel Salatin


    • Started farming in 2009 commercially


    • Farming is a more civilized way of going into the wild and surviving on your own


    • “Resources come from right relationships”


    • Rora Valley has started a “Farmship” model, where customers are supporting the farmers in return for produce like a modified CSA


    • Born Again Dirt was a started as a study in how to serve God as a farmer


    • Two major ideologies of farming are either tend toward worshiping nature in sustainable circles, or worshiping man in industrial systems


    • The book was written to scratch his own itch


    • The Bible speaks to farming in the Bible, but it shouldn’t be taken legalistically


    • The Gospel doesn’t just change how we interact with each other, but also how we interact with creation


    • The parable of the sower acts as an illustration of what good soil looks like


    • The soil can be an illustration of the heart


    • Giving the land time to rest increases production in the long run


    • Rest is an example of faith that you don’t always have to push push push


    • Rest forces us to limit how much we work


    • The difference between neglect and rest is that neglect is from a lack of care, but rest is because of care


    • It takes work to rest well


  • Sometimes we’re willing to stand before kings for God, but not be obscure for Him.

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