Working For The Harvest

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On 1/19/19, I published this article on Medium. It’s the gestation of a few ideas on work and the harvest. Please enjoy the audio version.

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“Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.”

 David Bly

The fruits of success are delicious, they fill the belly and soul with the satisfaction of a job well done. They are also remarkably addictive. Once tasted, you find yourself unable to resist their temptations, leading you argue whether or not it is worth the cost. We like the idea of success, but are often unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary to earn it.

So instead of hard work, we look for shortcuts and life hacks that will give us the feeling of satisfaction we want, without the work necessary to earn it. This isn’t an isolated problem for the few and the lazy, it effects everyone and separates the successful from the hopeful.

Take eating healthy as an example. We want to feel like we’re making the right choices and eating the best food we can, but still love the taste of junk food. Instead of eating a goldfish cracker for a snack we’ll eat Certified Organicfish cheese crackers. The Organic label on the box provides an illusion of health, even though a carrot (Organic or not) would have been the healthier option.

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