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50 – Defining No-Till | Jesse Frost – Rough Draft Farmstead

There are some that would argue the decision to become a farmer starts with alcohol, for our guest today, it started with Wine, but not the way you may be thinking. Jesse Frost, from Rough Draft Farmstead, is joining us today to talk about how he started farming, the transition from urban to rural life, […]

Working For The Harvest

On 1/19/19, I published this article on Medium. It’s the gestation of a few ideas on work and the harvest. Please enjoy the audio version. Listen To The Episode Read The Article “Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.”   David Bly The fruits of success are delicious, […]

47 – Farm Marketing From The Heart | Charlotte Smith – 3 Cow Marketing

Today we’re talking with Charlotte Smith from Champoeg Creamery and 3 Cow Marketing, together we’ll be talking about how Charlotte started farming, how farmer’s can determine their dream customer, how to set your farmers marketing off right, and much more. Listen To The Show Shownotes Charlotte’s company is called 3 Cow Marketing because there’s an […]

46 – Faith and Farming | Noah Sanders – Rora Valley Farms

Our guest today is Noah Sanders from Rora Valley Farms and author of Born Again Dirt, he’s been on the show before, and is back to share with us updates on his farm, his takeaways from the 2018 Acres Conference, the potential struggles of Christian farmers and much more. This was a great episode and […]

44 – A Matter of Why | Greg Burns – Nature’s Image Farm

Today we’re talking with Greg Burns from Nature’s Image Farm, together we’ll be discussing the importance of why, doing the work that matters, what mead is, and so much more. You won’t want to miss this episode with Greg Burns. Listen To The Show! Shownotes: Greg and his family started out backyard farming, but outgrew […]

42 – To Market, To Market | Tim Young – Small Farm Nation

Once a farm has started, there’s an inevitable point where sales need to start. Our guest today is Tim Young, a marketing and branding expert who decided one day to start a farm with his family. After selling their farm in 2015, Tim’s focus became mentoring and teaching farmer’s to learn how to market their […]

41 – Jeffersonian Philosophy | Evan Thomsen – eRochefoucauld

Today we are concluding our interview with Evan Thomsen from eRochefoucould. Our discussion will on Jefferson’s political philosophy and it’s effect in both agriculture and our modern language. I like how our conversation re-circles some themes we discussed in the part one of our interview. Enjoy the conclusion of our interview with Evan Thomsen. Listen […]