How To Leave A Review on Apple Podcasts

Hello everybody, we hope you are enjoying The Intellectual Agrarian Podcast and the interviews we have with our great guests. There are a couple of ways you can support the show. First is to share it with others, sharing is caring. The second is to leave us a review on your Podcast player of choice.

Since leaving a review can be confusing, it’s not as easy as commenting on a YouTube video, we’ve written up this little “how to” page.

First click the Podcast in Apple Podcasts (iTunes).

Next, scroll down until you see this.

You can leave a review one of two ways, either you can click the stars (we recommend 4 to five stars, but follow your heart), or you can tap “write a review.”

Thanks for reading this, please take the time to leave us a review and let others know how great the show is! Click the iTunes button to leave us a review!

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