The Burden Of Abundance | Brandon Sheard – Farmstead Meatsmith

Brandon Sheard
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The process of turning a live animal into dinner can be uncomfortable for many people, and not all methods of achieving it are equal. There are different ways and attitudes of going about forming your favorite cut of beef.

Our guest today is going to talk about his approach.

Brandon Sheard from Farmstead Meatsmith is joining us to discuss the attitude of harvesting an animal, how he choice butchering over academia, the myths of on-farm slaughter and much more.

Today we don’t just dive into the technicalities of deconstructing an animal, we’re going to talk about the attitude and worldview behind the process.

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Show Notes

  • Brandon is an English major, started in academia, but found himself wanting to do something different.
  • They operate their custom processing business in Washington State.
  • To-date Brandon hasn’t found the bottom of what it means to slaughter an animal, the depth of what that means and how to verbalize it.
  • Brandon learns first through the actions, then processes into how to describe and teach it.
  • It’s only after acting, using your words, being wrong in how you describe it, and refining it that you can actually have a theory or principle.
  • One of the biggest mistakes to make is to separate the animal you’re planning on harvesting.
  • For many species of animals, separation from the flock or herd is more death than death.
  • Rather than just cooking the items you prefer, butchering a full animal may require trying something new and different.
  • Eventually, the common man reached a point of disconnection with the food they eat. A large part of this was losing the understanding of how to cook it.
  • Federal regulations aren’t necessary designed for scale for smaller processors.
  • If you have the burden of your existence there’s a difference in your perspective.
  • With diets like Keto, there is an increasing demand for healthy animal fat.
  • Butchery is the servant of the kitchen.

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