Suburban Farming | Josh Sattin – Sattin Hill Farm

Josh Sattin
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 Our guest today is Josh Sattin from Sattin Hill Farm from Raleigh North Carolina. Together we’ll be discussing the differences and challenges of suburban farming, how Josh became a farmer after teaching and brewing, why he gave up his ducks, and much more.

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Show Notes

  • Before going into agriculture, Josh was a teacher and professional brewer.
  • Josh is raising Produce on an eighth of an acre.
  • The brewery background gave Josh an organized mindset and skill for multitasking.
  • Unlike Chickens, the female ducks are louder than the males which prompted the need for Josh to forgo the laying ducks on the operation.
  • Homework, watch the Andy Griffith Show.
  • Josh’s raising high rotation salad greens and pastured egg layers.
  • In starting up the homestead, Josh has been conscientious about not scaling up too quickly adding too many products too soon.

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