Renew You Fitness and Finance | Tom and Julie Domres – Small Scale Life

Renew You 2019 Domres
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Today we are joined by Tom and Julie Domres from Small Scale Life and Small Scale Gardening. Together we’ll be discussing their renew you initiatives in both fitness and finance, along the connections between those two important areas of life, we’ll also be discussing gardening, wicking beds and much more.

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Show Notes

  • Tom and Julie have started two initiatives at Small Scale Life with renew you fitness and finances.
  • Starting your day with gratitude is a keystone to having a good attitude through the day.
  • We don’t horde information or life experience, in general what makes our communities work is that we share from what we do to help others avoid the mistakes we have made.
  • Whether you’re working on improving your fitness or finances requires intention and answering why you’re doing it.
  • When the Government shutdown occurred, Tom and Julie weathered it well because they made sure to have savings in the bank.
  • Tom has recently worked on improving his backyard garden using wicking beds!

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