Month: February 2018

26 – Eclectic Diversity | Joel Salatin – Polyface Farms

When the show was conceived he was one farmer that we knew we wanted to interview, maybe it would take months, or even years, but it was a goal we set. He’s an author, farmer, speaker, and all around Intellectual Agrarian, you already know his name because you’ve read the title of the episode: Mr. […]

The Season of Love

Life has seasons and moments dictated by the calendar, and now, by it’s capricious choice, it’s the Season of Love. A time when you can’t go into a store without having something chocolate and red or pink shoved into your face. A time when single people can only wait for the holiday to end and […]

25 – Food Truth | Melinda Hemmelgarn – The Food Sleuth

Do you ever get frustrated with all the labels at the grocery store? Stuck trying to decide between Non-GMO, Organic and natural products? It’s a problem that our guest today works to solve. Melinda Hemmelgarn is a registered dietitian, food advocate, and host of the Food Sleuth Radio show. We have a great conversation, covering […]