Month: January 2018

Why Farming Doesn’t Have Shortcuts

There’s an unhealthy perspective that people have towards success, looking at what has made people rich, popular and loved, and assume that if they copy it, they will achieve the same ends. The problem is, life doesn’t work like that. Within every success story, there are countless failures and smaller successes that build upon each […]

24 – Building Sustainable Systems | Chris Blanchard – The Farmer To Farmer Podcast

Our guest today has been in Organic agriculture for over 25 years, wearing many hats during that time. For years he was the owner operator of Rock Springs farm, near Deborah IA, more recently he’s been a consultant, and host of the Farmer To Farmer Podcast, it’s Mr. Chris Blanchard. Today we’ll be talking about what […]

23 – A Place Of Rest – Julian Mateer | Wybalena Organic Farm

Do you ever feel like getting away from the urban hustle and bustle? To kick off modern concrete and sink your feet in the soil? That’s they way today’s guest felt, and he and his brother created a place that allows just that. Julian Mateer, co-founder of Wybalena Organic farm in New South Wales Australia. […]

Investing In People

Would you rather work with people or machines? This is a difficult question for an introvert, as people and interactions can frequently be uncomfortable and draining. For farmers, people who generally are happy to be farming because of a minimum of human interaction, it poses similar difficulties. The Coming Problem In The Four by Scott Galloway, […]

22 – Stoic Mettle | Scott Hebert – Flavourful Farms

Both philosopher and farmer, our guest today is Scott Hebert from Flavourful Farms in British Columbia and host of the Stoic Mettle Podcast. Together we discuss how Scott started farming, define what stoicism actually is, how he’s applied this philosophy to his farm and so much more. Show Notes: Scott raises salad greens and makes a […]