Podcast 07: Perry Brown – Micheal Fields Agricultural Institute | Interview

Today’s guest is Perry Brown, the executive director of Micheal Fields Agricultural Institute. He’s done a little bit of everything in his agrarian career and today he’ll talk with us about what got him involved in Sustainable agriculture, the importance of cover crops on…

Podcast 06: Kevin Ellis – ATTRA | Interview

Our guest today is Kevin Ellis a poultry specialist from ATTRA and a friend. Together we’ll talk about how he started in agriculture, sustainable poultry production and why chickens need methionine in their diets.

VIDEO: Woodstock Farmers Market | Field Notes

It was a great weekend to get out and see what was going on at the Woodstock Farmers Market. Watch the video to see what exciting things we learned.

VIDEO: The Farm That Was Rome | Plowing Through History

In the latest installment of Plowing Through History, we look at ancient Rome and the role its agriculture had in making it the Empire it became.