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Farmers are more than hayseeds and overalls, they are artists and entrepreneurs who feed civilization

The Intellectual Agrarian celebrates the ideas and philosophies of the modern agrarian

  • Learn how and why farmers farm
  • Learn how their ideas raise your food
  • Discover what makes good food, with fresh thoughts

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Recent Posts

The Bookies – 2018 | Scott Hebert

As a Christmas gift to you, the audience, we are presenting the first annual bookies! We’ve got Scott Hebert from Flavourful Farms joining us in presenting some of our favorite books from our 2018 reading. We’ll be discussing our best biography, philosophy, business, creative,…

Acres USA 2018 | Reporting

Today, we’re sharing our report from the Acres USA Conference in Louisville KY. Learn about the value of the Circadian Rhythm, water management, and Joel Salatin’s thoughts on feeding the world. Listen To The Show