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Podcast 05: Peter Grubbe – Middlebury Farms | Interview

Today’s guest is Peter Grubbe, a good friend and a great farmer. Today we’ll talk about what got him interested in farming, how he choses the vegetables he raises, why he decided to be certified Organic, and even critique modern agriculture a bit. If it sounds different than usual that’s because we tried our first […]

Podcast 03: Work Ethic | Aaron Blick – Crestwood Family Farm

Tackling a sometimes unpopular topic, Aaron Blick and T. talk about work and why it’s an important commodity in the modern age. They discuss their first jobs and what it taught them, their theories for the lack of work ethic today and how important it is to avoid becoming a workaholic.And we cannot stress this […]

Podcast: 01 Aaron Blick | Interview

Well folks, it has finally happened. Our Podcast, The Intellectual Agrarian, is ready for your listening pleasure. Today’s episode features an interview with a good friend of mine, Aaron Blick. Together we discuss what brought him into farming and why he’s chosen to keep doing it. If you enjoy the show, please subscribe to us […]