Podcast 07: Perry Brown – Micheal Fields Agricultural Institute | Interview

Today’s guest is Perry Brown, the executive director of Micheal Fields Agricultural Institute. He’s done a little bit of everything in his agrarian career and today he’ll talk with us about what got him involved in Sustainable agriculture, the importance of cover crops on…

Podcast 06: Kevin Ellis – ATTRA | Interview

Our guest today is Kevin Ellis a poultry specialist from ATTRA and a friend. Together we’ll talk about how he started in agriculture, sustainable poultry production and why chickens need methionine in their diets.

VIDEO: Woodstock Farmers Market | Field Notes

It was a great weekend to get out and see what was going on at the Woodstock Farmers Market. Watch the video to see what exciting things we learned.

VIDEO: The Farm That Was Rome | Plowing Through History

In the latest installment of Plowing Through History, we look at ancient Rome and the role its agriculture had in making it the Empire it became.

VIDEO: Field Notes | Middlebury Farms

Not only did we have the chance to interview Peter Grubbe on our Podcast, we also got a tour of his operation.

Podcast 05: Peter Grubbe – Middlebury Farms | Interview

Today’s guest is Peter Grubbe, a good friend and a great farmer. Today we’ll talk about what got him interested in farming, how he choses the vegetables he raises, why he decided to be certified Organic, and even critique modern agriculture a bit. If…

Podcast 04: Scott Hasselmann | Interview

Today’s guest is Scott Hasselmann of Hasselmann Family farms. Their farm is an 80 Acre diversified crop and livestock operation that sells all their products direct to market. We’ll talk about pastoral agriculture, making your own livestock feed, and the local community and more. Links:…

VIDEO: Feudalism And The Farmer | Plowing Through History

Podcast 03: Work Ethic | Aaron Blick – Crestwood Family Farm

Tackling a sometimes unpopular topic, Aaron Blick and T. talk about work and why it’s an important commodity in the modern age. They discuss their first jobs and what it taught them, their theories for the lack of work ethic today and how important…

Podcast 02: Paul Norton – Royal Oak Farm | Interview

The second episode of The Intellectual Agrarian! I had the chance to talk with one of my friends and former employers, Paul Norton of Royal Oak Farm. He shared about how Royal Oak started, what he does there and why they do what they…