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Our guest today is no stranger to the show, Scott Hebert from Flavour Farms in Chilliwack British Columbia. Today, we talk with Scott about the expansion of his farm, getting back to martial arts, the compounding effects of consistency, building a tiny house, and much more.

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Show Notes

  • Scott’s has doubled his farm size, expanding outside the original acreage
  • The primary experiment of the year will be to work on deterring the flea beetles
  • Returning to martial arts, Scott’s feeling in the best shape he’s been in a while.
  • Looking at the connection between activity and brain function, it’s shown the healthy active you is your best you.
  • The exercise intensity has given Scott a discipline to be intense when he needs to be intense.
  • By building the daily routine and habit of exercise, Scott’s consistent exercise has allowed him to get back into martial arts without much of a physical deficit.
  • Consistence doing the right thing allows us to build compound interest of good rewards in the future.
  • Getting the weeds when they start, makes a difference when they grow. Bad habits have just as much of a compounding effect.
  • In Dec. Scott was approached by a media consultant to record video at the Tuskegee University. There, he had the chance to visit local farmers who were friends, and also gave a talk at the conference.
  • New projects will include building a tiny house on the farm property.
  • After listening to the Adam Savage on the Tim Ferris Show, Scott’s going to build a cardboard model of the tiny house he wants to build.

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