46 – Faith and Farming | Noah Sanders – Rora Valley Farms

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Our guest today is Noah Sanders from Rora Valley Farms and author of Born Again Dirt, he’s been on the show before, and is back to share with us updates on his farm, his takeaways from the 2018 Acres Conference, the potential struggles of Christian farmers and much more. This was a great episode and I hope you enjoy our interview with Noah Sanders.

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  • Life doesn’t reward us for avoiding suffering, it’s an opportunity to learn
  • A sense of why keeps you moving despite the difficulties of the moment
  • This was the first season of Rora Valley switching their production model to a “CSA on Steroids”
  • Eating an elephant starts one bite at a time – if there’s an overwhelming amount of work to do, take it one step at a time
  • Noah’s farm dinners have given an opportunity to connect people and create a sense of community
  • Whatever Amazon and Whole Foods do, they can never replace the farm and farmer
  • If we try to compete at Amazon’s competency, we’ll lose. What matters is focusing on what makes your farm unique
  • One of the focuses for Noah at the Acres Conference was soil biology
  • When presenting ask yourself, what attitudes, skills and thoughts do you want to leave your audience with?
  • Examining the end result is needed whether you are teaching a class or planting a row of vegetables
  • You need to balance what you know, what you’re applying, and what you’re sharing
  • The Redeeming The Dirt Conference was an opportunity to encourage Christian farmers, to share knowledge and testimony
  • We need to have the humility to admit when we don’t know everything, other “sectors” of agriculture may have an idea we haven’t considered but need to. 
  • 6 Keys for Successful Christian Agriculture:
    • Faith
    • Awareness
    • Relationships
    • Methods
    • Excellence
    • Reach

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Check out the 2018 Redeeming The Dirt Conference at: http://redeemingthedirt.com/agrarian/






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