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When we talk about Wheat, it’s easy to get as far as Gluten and stop the conversation. With all the talk about the one factor, we forget it’s not just a matter of gluten. As we’ll discuss today with our guest Bob Quinn from Big Sandy Organics in Big Sandy Montana, there’s more than gluten to the issue.

Together, we’ll discuss how Bob became a pioneer in Organics, what Kamut ancient grain is, value subtracted food, reviving rural jobs, and much more.

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Show Notes

  • After Bob finished his PhD in Bio-Chemistry, he decided to move back to the family farm.
  • Bob’s been an Organic farmer since before the National Organic Standards were written, originally following the California Organic Standards since that was the state he had been selling to at the time.
  • With his background in science, Bob hasn’t taken reports at face value and has turned his farm into his laboratory experimenting with various methods in the Organic System.
  • The Kamut (Kam-oot) is a trademark brand of an ancient grain which Bob has developed a market. Because this grain has had less modification and hybridization over the centuries, raised Organically it may be easier to consume for people with wheat sensitivities.
  • Because of the way Wheat is conventionally ground and baked, we find less nutrition, higher gluten, and a product which is over-all less healthy for the consumer.
  • It’s suggested that sourdough fermentation can significantly reduce the gluten content of a bread.
  • Modern food often becomes “value subtracted.”
  • Bob first came across Kamut grain at the County Fair as a young boy, it was said to be “King Tut’s Wheat.”
  • 75% of the Kamut grain is shipped to Italy, where the grain is used for Pasta because it’s a part of their national diet.
  • When Bob went to Egypt, he sadly discovered Kamut wasn’t from Egypt. However, in Turkey, he learned it was called, “The Prophet’s Wheat” because it was said to have been taken on the Ark with Noah.
  • With the Oil Barn and Krackl’n Kamut snacks, Bob has been able to add 11 families supported by their farm, counting his own family, they’ve reached the same 12 family number that their farm supported in the days of the homestead act.

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