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Jill Winger
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We are joined today by Jill Winger, from the Prairie Homestead. She and her family pursue a lifestyle of modern homesteading on the wide-open prairies of Wyoming. She blogs at The Prairie Homestead where she encourages others to return to their roots, no matter where they live. Recently, Jill has also become the author of The Prairie Homestead Cookbook.

Today we’ll be discussing how Jill started homesteading, dealing with blizzards, the success of her popular blog, the lost art of cooking and much more.

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Show Notes

  • On the homestead, they raise gardens, chickens, beef, dairy cattle, sometimes hogs.
  • According to the statistics, Jill and her family were snowed in the worst blizzard since the 1970’s.
  • Jill started her blog as a means of self-expression in an area where she didn’t have anyone to tell about her homestead. A way of sharing about what they were doing.
  • The success of the blog has chiefly come from a focus on helping and sharing value with the readers.
  • If you want to get traction on your farm or homestead blog, it requires being clear on who you are and how your content is going to help other people.
  • Cooking is an essential skill for modern homesteading, one required once you start getting food growing on the homestead.
  • Jill’s passion to help people learn how to use the produce of their farms and homesteads helped inspire the creation of her cookbook The Prairie Homestead Cookbook.
  • The cook book is not diet trend oriented, it’s focused on good home cooking.

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