Podcast 17 – Permaculture Principles | Scott Mann – The Permaculture Podcast

Our tag line has never been truer today, as we discuss the Principles of Permaculture as they apply to agriculture, our lives, and our communities. To break it down for us today is Scott Mann from the Permaculture Podcast. Thanks so much to Scott for being on the show, be sure to go to his website and check out his Podcast.

Show Notes

  • Three basic ethics of permaculture are: 1. All decisions take care of the earth 2. All decisions take care of people 3. Surplus created goes back to the earth
  • Twelve Principles of Permaculture by David Holmgren – https://permacultureprinciples.com/
  • The strictness of a Permaculture rule often comes down to “It depends” as context the within a situation determines how it should be applied.
  • We have espoused virtues that we claim to believe, and our governing virtues by which we live. The distance between the two is our integrity gap. Ideally, we are always trying to shorten that gap.
  • Scott was inspired to start his Podcast by Jack Spirko’s Survival Podcast
  • Transition Town Movement applies Permaculture Principles to the community. A movement started by Rob Hopkins – http://transitionus.org/transition-town-movement


Thank Scott For Being On The Show!




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