Podcast 16 – Jim Riddle – Blue Fruit Farm | Interview

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Our guest today is Jim Riddle from Blue Fruit Farm. He’s worn many hats and been on many Organic Agriculture boards, notably the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB), and currently the steering committee for the National Organic Farmers Association. In today’s episode we’ll talk with Jim about the various types of berries he grows and why, what the role of the NOSB is, and why conservation is conservative.

Show Notes

    • Blue Fruit Farm raises eight different kind of berries


    • Honey berries taste amazing


    • The first proposed Organic standards ignored state issued Organic standards, allowing GMO’s sewage sludge and radiation.


    • The USDA headed customer and farmer opinions and made the rules into the stricter ones we have today


    • The National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) can advise USDA on policies for the Organic Regulations and has statutory control over the National List of allowed and prohibited substances in Organic production


    • The National Organic Farmers Association was formed to allow a unified voice for Organic farmers, and only Organic farmers and allowed to vote on it’s policy platform


    • Conservation is Conservative, sustainable philosophy has a number of correlations to what is typically considered conservative rhetoric.


    • Organic farmers are pro-life in the broad sense of encouraging all forms of life on a farm.


    • Organic farming is free market, responding to the ebb and flow of market and consumer demands.


  • The best way consumers can get involved is to ask questions about what you eat and know your farmer and know your food.


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