Restoration Agriculture | Mark Shepard – New Forest Farm

Mark Shepard
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Our guest today is Mark Shepard from New Forest Farm, author of Restoration Agriculture and founder of Restoration Agriculture Development. Mark was kind enough to take the time to talk with us during the 2019 MOSES Conference, where he was playing as a part of Synister Dane and the Cosmonauts.

Together, we’ll be discussing the impact and legacy of Restoration Agriculture, the STUN Method on scale, pest control, Mark’s adventures homesteading in Alaska, and much more.

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Show Notes

  • Mark Shepard was one of the first booths at the MOSES Organic Farming Conference.
  • Instead of the engineering degree, Mark became an Ecologist.
  • With the final year of the homestead act in Alaska, Mark set up a claim and tested raising plant community types in the sub arctic.
  • Permaculture farms can be successful, particularly with having core enterprises at the heart of the operation.
  • New Forest Farm has a multilayered ecology, with biology occupying ever layer of the environment.
  • By having a diverse ecology, the pest pressure of the operation is reduced because of the natural pest defense of the surrounding environment.
  • There is no ecosystem on earth that doesn’t have animals, if you want a farm without animals be aware you’ll find some species of animals still there.
  • Since publishing Restoration Agriculture, Mark’s work has focused on helping other farmers design their farms into this system.

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