A Decade of Local Food | John Des Rosiers – Inovasi

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Hello everybody, we’ve got a special interview for you today. I had the opportunity to stop in at a favorite restaurant, Inovasi and interview owner and chef John Des Rosiers.

With the 10th Anniversary of Inovasi, it was a great time to talk with John about what they are doing to celebrate the occasion, favorites on the menu, and a new project he’s started in Highland Park.

It’s a great talk about local food, be sure to enjoy this interview with John Des Rosiers.

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Show Notes

  • Tasting wine for the menu is more than drinking, it is a matter of finding wine which incorporates with the philosophy and flavor of the food served.
  • Anyone can make wine red or white, but good wine requires a differentiation of flavor.
  • Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Inovasi, they have run a best hits on their menu, looking back at their favorites through the past decade.
  • Having a decade landmark it’s an opportunity to look back without being over-indulgent.
  • Within the last decade John has seen the market place for sourcing local quality food easier as the demand has grown.
  • Salt creek tacos has not only daily made corn tortillas, but also an excellent selection of Tequila and Mescal. 

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