49 – The Metabolic Approach To Cancer

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At the 2018 Acres Conference I had the opportunity to listen to a great session on getting back into sync with our Circadian Rhythms presented by Dr. Nasha Winters. After that session I knew we had to have her on the show and she was kind enough to take some time to join us today.

Dr. Nasha is a global authority on integrative cancer research and consults with physicians around the world. She has co-authored the best selling book, The Metabolic Approach to Cancer.

Together we’ll be discussing what writing The Metabolic Approach to Cancer, Naturopathy, diet and much more.

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  • By the time she was 19, Dr. Nasha already had two brushes with Cancer, and was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer
  • A naturopathic doctor has the same prerequisite requirements as other doctors do, the difference is often in the approach of treatment
  • A lot of a naturopathic doctors focus is on prevention of illness, not just how to treat illness
  • Test, address, access
  • Writing the book was motivated by Patients asking for more information for personal reference
  • The Terrain is the naturopathic perspective of the body
  • Looking at it from the ground up and the body down.
  • Our bodies are like hybrids, we can function on two different fuel sources, carbs and fats
  • The Warburg effect is improper use of energy by our mitochondria
  • It’s not just food that effects mitochondria, it’s lifestyle and attitude that will make a difference
  • Our historical diets may have been useful, but now we’ve changed the structure of the life in which the diet functioned
  • Test, Assess, Address
  • If you want to evaluate your diet, document what you eat for a week, then evaluate it
  • Today we average 175 lbs. of sugar per person per year

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