47 – Farm Marketing From The Heart | Charlotte Smith – 3 Cow Marketing

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Today we’re talking with Charlotte Smith from Champoeg Creamery and 3 Cow Marketing, together we’ll be talking about how Charlotte started farming, how farmer’s can determine their dream customer, how to set your farmers marketing off right, and much more.

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  • Charlotte’s company is called 3 Cow Marketing because there’s an unusual law in Oregon that allows selling Raw milk if you have three cows or less
  • When Charlotte started farming the focus was on raising food that her family could eat first, feeding her community second
  • Farmer’s markets are great opportunities to meet potential customers, but are not in themselves a marketing plan, it is a marketing channel
  • Marketing channels should lead into your marketing plan itself
  • The relationship marketing of Charlotte’s course is cross-cultural, with students from many countries finding success using the program
  • It is necessary to maintain the customer relationship, not just start it and talk when you need something
  • If you try to sell to everybody, you sell to nobody
  • Be willing to share the stories of what you do, others will find it more interesting than you may expect
  • If you’re an introvert and struggle to set relationships, it may be a matter of setting up the right boundaries for your interactions with customers

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