44 – A Matter of Why | Greg Burns – Nature’s Image Farm

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Today we’re talking with Greg Burns from Nature’s Image Farm, together we’ll be discussing the importance of why, doing the work that matters, what mead is, and so much more. You won’t want to miss this episode with Greg Burns.

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    • Greg and his family started out backyard farming, but outgrew it moving to a homestead


    • Having the image of what you want is great, and it can do a great job getting you started, but the image can’t sustain


    • The Burn’s family why started with a desire for self-sufficiency


    • Having a good wife or partner in your homesteading or farming venture can make a world of difference in keeping you grounded and sensible


    • It’s easy to get off-track by trying too many things at once


    • Being united in “Why” is what allows a couple to weather the difficult times together


    • We need to resist the urge for instant gratification and invest the time into the actual work


    • Flesh out your idea, if you can do it three times, you know that you’ve learned it


    • Be humble enough to admit when you need to change course or do something different


    • Hogtoberfest is a time when family and friends get together to not just butcher a hog, but learn together as a community


    • Mead is a fermented honey wine with ties back to ancient times


    • Greg and his buddies started the Contrary Beekeeper’s Podcast to share their knowledge of beekeeping with others who may have an interest in it


    • The peace and tranquility of the bee yard provides an opportunity of mental openness


    • “You find truth in the work.”


  • The work is needed to make your idea reality


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