43 – Why Nature’s Always Right | Steven Cornett – Why Nature’s Always Right

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Today we’re talking about why Nature’s Always Right, with Steven Cornett from Nature’s Always Right in Lemon Grove California. Together we’ll be talking about how Steven got started in agriculture, what compost tea is, how he got involved in YouTube and so much more.

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    • Steven makes 90% of his own amendments and nutrients onsite on the farm


    • He started farming 8 years ago with Jared Smith from Jared’s Real Food


    • Farming gives an opportunity to make changes


    • Steven’s urban farm is a laboratory to test and develop methods and opportunities of agriculture


    • In his market garden, Steven has applied Permacultural systems specifically in the fertility cycle


    • “The engine of your farm is your compost, or whatever is building your organic matter.”


    • Worm castings are an incredible way of improving the fertility of your soil


    • You want aerobic soil instead of anaerobic soil


    • The soil system digests nutrients using bacteria just like we do with our stomaches


    • We can’t reduce the agricultural system to widgets and nutrients, it’s a natural system


    • Steven’s farm is marked through local farmer’s markets


    • The farmer’s market is the next hit sitcom, you heard it here first!


    • As a natural system the farmer’s market is a great opportunity to see what people like or dislike


  • Steven’s a part of a rare fruit organization in California, which has allowed him to experiment growing passion fruit and dragon fruit

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