42 – To Market, To Market | Tim Young – Small Farm Nation

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Once a farm has started, there’s an inevitable point where sales need to start. Our guest today is Tim Young, a marketing and branding expert who decided one day to start a farm with his family. After selling their farm in 2015, Tim’s focus became mentoring and teaching farmer’s to learn how to market their products effectively.

Our conversation today will revolve around why Tim started farming, how to stop random acts of marketing and what self-reliance can mean on the farm.

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    • Choosing a farm name can be based on your mission, geography, etc.


    • If you pick a name based on your product, such as “Cows” then it can limit your marketing


    • Remember, make a name that’s easy to pronounce and easy to remember


    • Tim didn’t grow up on a commercial farm, but had a family with a self-sufficient lifestyle


    • After running in the rat race as a marketing executive, Tim found himself questioning where his food came from


    • Cheese making started with a goal to minimize off farm inputs


    • Cheese is an inspiring and intellectual pursuit


    • Tim started teaching marketing by hosting farm schools teaching live classes at his farm


    • At SmallFarm Nation Academy is a subscription service with videos and marketing tools teaching how to market and explore what are the best options to go to market


    • Branding the farm over the farmer can be advantageous when you are looking to grow the farm for future generations


    • It’s easy to fall into Random Acts of Marketing, which is when you throw up a photo on social media because, “It’s Thursday and we have to post something.”


    • Deliberate intent is how to have purposeful marketing, sharing what is designed to push viewers to a predetermined goal, such as purchasing beef, signing up for the email list etc.


    • “Self-Reliance creates freedom to live your life.”


    • Modern living allows us a “society of convenience,” which take away our ability to survive on our own


  • “Farming is a gateway to a deeper understanding of self-reliance.”

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