41 – Jeffersonian Philosophy | Evan Thomsen

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Today we are concluding our interview with Evan Thomsen from eRochefoucould. Our discussion will on Jefferson’s political philosophy and it’s effect in both agriculture and our modern language. I like how our conversation re-circles some themes we discussed in the part one of our interview. Enjoy the conclusion of our interview with Evan Thomsen.

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  • When we “build democracy” across the world, we make the mistake of ignoring the American start
  • “Europe was built by history, America was built by philosophy.”
  • Enlightenment Philosophy wasn’t a set list of beliefs, but rather an openness to the many ideas and exploration to discuss them
  • First order effects, you turn on the switch and the light turns on. While yes, the switch caused the light, your actions to turn on the light was the first effect.
  • We have a country that protects liberty, but liberty and freedom is an after effect of having an independent state
  • Jefferson was the first academic President, even if Woodrow Wilson was the first with a PhD.
  • While Jefferson was cosmopolitan in attitude and tastes, as President he used protectionist policies
  • Some may call Jeffersons writing and actions contradictions, and they are, but it’s also the essence of Enlightenment philosophy where you have contrasting ideas held in one person
  • We may function in the world of Hamilton, but we like to write and speak in the language of Jefferson
  • Farmer’s may be saving the world growing one carrot at a time, but marketing should be the customer is saving the world buying one of your carrots at a time
  • The old ideas are rarely understood, they are robust and that’s why they survive.
  • Philosophy only matters to the extent that it makes a difference in the community in which you live
  • “Your highest philosophy is represented through action.”

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