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Our tagline is Philosophy from the farm, we’re going to dive into that and what that philosophy means. To discuss this out guest is Evan Thomsen from eRochefoucould and the Hardcore Philosophy Podcast. Evan has been a track athlete, kettlebell trainer, shoe salesman, infantryman, paratrooper, singer, a cappella choir director, public speaker and MC, research assistant, fundraiser, humanitarian, entrepreneur, business consultant, photographer, YouTuber, and podcaster.

He’s even from Iowa.

Together we’ll be discussing what lead to Evan starting his Podcasts and eRouchefoucauld, what is philosophy and how it applies to food and farming.

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Show Notes

    • The name eRouchefoucauld is a play on the French philosopher LaRouchefoucauld, who illustrated his points using aphorisms and maxims to pass philosophical concepts in quick and clever sound bites, much like Twitter or Instagram posts
    • At it’s base philosophy is 1. A way to think and live well 2. A mechanism to make different ideas accessible 3. It’s the glue between first principles
    • Agriculture is a basis of first principles: Seed into ground, seed grows
    • Much of early philosophy is food and drink based
    • Evan doesn’t call himself a philosopher, but a storyteller
    • Philosophy, if it matters, works on the practical level
    • Why should people enjoy philosophy when it is presented as the study of “nothing”
  • Any philosophy that’s useful has to be scalable and applicable to an individual and broad audience

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