39 – Micro-Speed/Macro-Patience | Micheal Bell – Dallas Half Acre Farms

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Our guest today is Michael Bell from Dallas Half-Acre Farm, he’s an urban farmer in, you guessed it, Dallas Texas. Today we’ll be discussing the challenges and benefits of growing vegetables in Texas, how Mike got involved in farming, physical training and so much more.

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    • The start, learning the process is the toughest part, it gets easier the more you figure out the system a methodology


    • Mike bought his farm property with $7,500.00, and $400.00


    • The income from the farm has gone back into the farm


    • The 1/2 acre is one of the few areas of Dallas zoned “non-residential,” it hadn’t been in production for more than 15 years


    • Growing conditions in Texas are hot, just hot


    • Get better smaller before going bigger


    • Michael loves to work, which is a necessity on the farm!


    • Urban farmers have a distinct advantage in their proximity to their neighbors to play roles in their communities


    • Michael developed his markets using Instagram


    • Curtis Stone is the how Michael started farming, Gary V is the why


    • Don’t lose perspective on the big picture when working with the details


    • Do you want to lose weight? Get your heart rate up and eat well


    • Want to gain? Eat right and train


    • With farming or fitness it’s often a matter of macro-patience and micro-speed


  • Don’t think about how to you’ll look tomorrow, think about the holiday or event in the future

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