38 – Getting Started | Tom Domres – Small Scale Life

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Have you thought about downsizing? Getting out of the rat race to focus on what matters? Perhaps start a garden. Our guest today is Tom Domres from the Small Scale Life Podcast, and together we’ll discuss what lead to the small scale life, gardening tips and ideas, how and why communities are important and so much more.

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Show Notes

    • Doing the difficult things can be worth it, even with the pain involved, for the people you meet and the experiences it brings.


    • The Small Scale Life is a combination of many things, taking responsibility for yourself and your community, sharing with others, getting rid of the excess stuff


    • You don’t need to be the big shot, just be content and find your niche


    • Small Scale Gardening and Small Scale Life became a virtual journal of Tom’s journey into learning and developing the ideas of living a small scale life


    • Tom got interested in the rail roads early in life, and kept at it


    • Tom’s work with the railroads give him a chance to take little adventures visiting the crossings across the midwest


    • The background in systems and being methodical is one of the ways Tom brings his engineering background to gardening


    • Gardening is more than dropping seeds in the ground and rolling a pile of dirt on top


    • Rome wasn’t built in a day, if you want to live a small scale life, start small


  • Make a start, build confidence and build momentum to keep going

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