37 – Local Processing | Ted LeBow – Kitchen Table Consultants

Today’s guest is Ted LeBow from Kitchen Table Consultants, a business consulting firm that focuses on helping farming and food related enterprises. With Ted we’ll be talking about his first business venture, a farm, what kind of work KTC does, and a dive into a report they produced with the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture on the state of meat processors in Pennsylvania for local farmers.

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  • Kitchen Table Consultants has different levels of consultants with entrepreneurial and some food industry experience.
  • Ted’s first business was a farm, at thirteen he bought his first tractor
  • Kitchen Table Consultants focuses on financial sustainability as feeding agricultural sustainability
  • Epigenetics is how what you eat will effect your future generations
  • “Cathedral Thinking” is thinking in multiple generations, like the time frame it takes to build a Cathedral in your village
  • It’s hard to farm when you can’t make money
  • “We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.” – Walt Disney
  • Kitchen Table Consultants teamed up with the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture to produce a report on local meat processing
  • The report asked primarily “What do farmers want?” and “What are best practices of smaller processors?”
  • Meat processing is not construction, it’s deconstruction, which makes it a different kind of business
  • Local processors are a critical component of the small local producers, but under appreciated
  • It takes a good butcher to properly cut up an animal for both maximum edible yield and maximum flavor
  • Producers are looking for yield tracking from processors to see how much meat is actually coming off their livestock
  • Scheduling is always a concern for farmers to get their livestock processed


Local Meat Processing Report: http://www.kitchentableconsultants.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/A-Leg-Up-FINAL.pdf