35 – The Fit Farmer | Mike Dickson – Big Pond Farm

Mike Dickson - The Fit Farmer - 2018 (4)
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Our guest today is Mike Dickson, the Fit Farmer from Big Pond Farm in North Carolina. Today we’ll discuss how Mike went from the fitness industry to farming, why ducks are more fun than chickens, how to improve your health and fitness, and so much more.

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    • Big Pond farm is 10 acres but uses about 2 acres of it, with 1 acre as the Pond and 1/3 acre market garden.


    • They also raise chickens, ducks, and even a goose!


    • They employee Australian shepherds to protect the poultry and keep deer away from the garden.


    • Mike initially didn’t plan on raising ducks, but they have become a favorite on the operation.


    • Raising ducks versus chickens depends on your circumstances, but for Mike’s farm ducks are best.


    • Primary benefits of ducks on Big Pond Farm: They are consistent egg layers (even in Winter), they shepherd easier to where you need them to go, and most of all, they are more entertaining.


    • Big Pond Farm raises Khaki Campbell ducks primarily because they are consistent egg layers (laying 200 eggs per year).


    • Mike’s background is from nutrition, physical training, and professional bodybuilding.


    • The start of farming began as a garden in town, and learning how to grow food.


    • When they moved to their farm was the transition point from becoming gardeners to farmers.


    • The yurt is a Mongolian and Turkish tent that is a more stable structure.


    • Yurts actually do better in colder climates.


    • The yurt has been demonstrated to be effective through history, that’s why they were used a long time ago and are still used today.


    • Big Pond Farm started on YouTube because they were inspired by Justin Rhodes (Abundant Permaculture).


    • It’s a good tool to show customers how their food is raised.


    • Mike’s background in health and fitness gives him a perspective on the health benefits of where their food comes from and how it’s grown.


  • Good first steps for getting healthy: 1. A balance of fitness, you don’t necessary need to go to the gym, just work your exercise into your work. 2. Cut out bad habits like smoking. 3. Eat right, find the diet that works best for your body.

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