33 – Primal Pastures | Paul Grieve – Pasturebird

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My guest today is Paul Grieve from Primal Pastures and Pasturebird, we’ll discuss how he got involved in farming, how they started, how they define Primal, their work with the Billion Dollar Buyer and so much more.

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Show Notes

    • “Primal” is the starting point for the food and it’s consumption.


    • The farm started with Paul’s brother in law ordering 50 chicks


    • The foundation of the farm is pasture based.


    • Within three weeks of posting about the chickens on Facebook, all 50 chicks had been sold.


    • To start a farm you often need to make short term sacrifices to make long term gains.


    • “Bugs not drugs.” is a catchphrase of Pasturebird and Primal Pastures, they have not had to use any drugs on the operation, when working on a pasture based system there’s a lower risk of illness.


    • Pasturebird raises pastured chicken for Wholesales accounts.


    • The first customer for Pasturebird was the LA Lakers.


    • In Southern California, Pasturebird can raise chickens all year round.


    • Pasturebird was on “Billion Dollar Buyer.”


    • Regenerative Agriculture is more dynamic that merely Sustainable Agriculture.


  • True Sustainability is not possible, life lives within an ebb and flow, either increasing or decreasing.






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