22 – Stoic Mettle | Scott Hebert – Flavourful Farms

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Both philosopher and farmer, our guest today is Scott Hebert from Flavourful Farms in British Columbia and host of the Stoic Mettle Podcast. Together we discuss how Scott started farming, define what stoicism actually is, how he’s applied this philosophy to his farm and so much more.

Show Notes:

  • Scott raises salad greens and makes a killer green smoothie
  • Lowercase stoics are stoic in attitude naturally, with classic Victorian stiff-upper lip
  • Uppercase Stoics are practitioners of Stoicism, an ancient Greek philosophy about how to live a virtuous life
  • Scott first learned about Stoicism from reading Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle Is The Way
  • The Stoic Mettle Podcast was started as a result of not finding any other podcasts on the topic
  • The Dichotomy of Control is a phrase for accepting what is and is not in your control
  • “Decatastrophizing” or Negative Visualization, is the way that we can prepare for bad things happening by looking at what is the worst that can happen, and accept that that’s the worst possibility
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Scott’s Links:


Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/flavourfulfarms/?hl=en

Stoic Mettle Podcast – https://stoicmettle.com/

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